Residential Life

Muhlenberg College Residential Services Mission Statement:

The Office of Residential Services at Muhlenberg College provides a variety of safe, healthy, comfortable, well maintained living learning environments. We work with students to promote communities that are civil, appreciative of differences, and conducive to academic success and personal growth.


Develop a sense of community with residents on the floor, in their building, and across the campus.

Provide opportunities for residents to develop/hone life skills in areas such as communication, time management, living responsibilities (i.e. abiding by terms of lease, notifying college of maintenance issues), and conflict resolution.

Facilitate educational and social programs, includes areas of multiculturalism and intellectual pursuits

Provide leadership opportunities with RA and office staff positions.

The Office

Residential Services is the organizing vehicle behind your living experience here at Muhlenberg. The staff is comprised of a Director, one Senior Associate Director, one Associate Director, two Assistant Directors, a Presidential Assistant (PA), and approximately 50 students referred to as Resident Advisors (RA's), Resident Liasons (RL's), and Head Residents (HR's). The staff wears many hats: friend, counselor, peacekeeper, confidant, supporter, challenger, and confronter. Get to know them - they can be of great help.