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Student Government consists of four standing committees which meet bi-weekly. On occasion, the body will charter ad-hoc committees to take on special projects. Committees are responsible for pushing real change through Student Government, which make it one of the most important aspects of the organization. Browse the information below to learn more about our committees.

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Student Organizations eligible for Student Government funding can request funds through the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee is designed to monitor all financial transactions for groups under its jurisdiction. The Finance Committee serves as a recommending body to Student Government which in turns makes the final decision on all expendtures and allocations.


The Operations Committee is responsible for recommending any structural, operational, or disciplinary changes, and serves as the Election Oversight Committee, when necessary. The committee evaluates our internal operations on a regular basis and ensures that the day-to-day operations of the government are in good order.

Student Life & Affairs

The Student Life & Affairs Committee investigates and make recommendations in response to any issues regarding dining, Seegers Union, Athletics, and Residential Services. The committee is also response for club recognition and outreach. Members of the committee specialize in one of the aformentioned areas and meet with members of the administration on a regular basis as well as serve on a variety of faculty committees.

Associated Faculty Committees: College Committee on Campus Life, Fitness & Athletics, Academic Judicial Board, Social Judicial Board

Student Services

The Student Services Committee shall investigate and make recommendations in response to any issues regarding Campus Safety, academics, technology, Health Services, and Plant Operations. Through various faculty committees and relationships with administrators, members of this committee present specific insight into the departments that provide services to students.

Associated Faculty Committees: Academic Policy, Curriculum, Library, College Committee on Information Technology, Internal Review Board



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