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2015 Student Advisor Applications

New Candidate application packet (.pdf)

Returning Candidate application packet (.pdf)

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New Candidate application packet (.doc)

Returning Candidate application packet (.doc)

What is a Student Advisor?

Muhlenberg’s Student Advisors facilitate the orientation process by providing new students, their families, and guests with an introduction to the campus and its resources.  Student Advisors are an integral part of the college transition process. The Student Advisor position is an outstanding opportunity to improve self-confidence, communication skills, and leadership abilities.

Incoming Students

A Student Advisor helps the First-Year Class in their academic, personal, and social transition from high school to college. A Student Advisor is good role model who values learning and the “life of the mind” and successfully balances academics and extracurricular activities. The College values the role of Student Advisor, considers it a professional position, and is committed to the training and professional development of successful candidates.

What are some of the benefits of being a Student Advisor?
  • Gain “resume worthy” leadership experience
  • Develop professional relationships with faculty, staff, and other students
  • Gain a sense of satisfaction in giving back to the college community
  • Improve self-confidence, communication skills and teamwork abilities

What does a Student Advisor do?

Incoming Students
  • Greets students and families as they arrive at Muhlenberg and assists with moving them into residences
  • Acquaints first year students with campus services and building locations
  • Facilitates Orientation Weekend activities that assist new students’ transitions to Muhlenberg
  • Conducts small group icebreakers and activities for First Year Students
  • Prepares Orientation activities, folders, signs and other materials
  • Participates in training prior to Orientation Weekend
  • Serves as a positive role model for new students, committed to a balance of academics and social life, and committed to becoming a lifelong learner

What type of student are you looking for?

  • Good academic standing with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.60 (or satisfactory academic progress for first-semester students)
  • Good judicial standing with no current judicial sanctions
  • Commitment to the First Year Student Orientation Philosophy
  • Demonstrated interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to work effectively with a diverse group of faculty, staff, students and parents
  • Demonstrated desire to learn about the College’s people, community, programs, policies and procedures
  • Demonstrated record of flexibility, responsibility and willingness to assist others
  • Be on time and present for all scheduled training sessions and work assignments

How many Student Advisors are you looking for?

We will be looking for 42 individuals to serve as Student Advisors. Eash advisor will be responsible for an Orientation Group of 12-17 first-year students for the weekend.

How important are my grades to the selection process?

There is a minimum required cumulative grade point average of 2.60 to be considered for a Student Advisor position. Being at the low end of GPA expectations is not in and of itself a negative factor. Most importantly, the committee is seeking students who are passionate about the academic experience. Perhaps you have a “success story” that demonstrates how you have persevered academically; such experiences are helpful to pass along to new students. Grades are definitely a consideration; however they rarely make or break the decision of the committee.

If selected, what time commitments are there next semester?

The committee recognizes that, as a student, your schedule is already busy. Therefore, commitments to the orientation program are limited to one or two gatherings in March and April. Most are in the evening and are social in nature

 Incoming Students

How many seniors (or men, or particular majors, etc.) do you select?

There really isn’t a magic formula that dictates selection. The committee is interested in providing a fair representation of the “face of Muhlenberg.” Therefore the committee is seeking a diverse group that can provide new students with a feeling that they will be welcomed and accepted at Muhlenberg.


Are returning Student Advisors guaranteed a position?

No. While a current Student Advisor’s work will be considered in the hiring process, the fact that s/he was selected last year is not a guarantee that s/he will be selected again. In previous years, as few as one-third to as many as one-half of successful candidates have been returning Student Advisors.

Developmental Goals of the Position

By serving as a student advisor and participating in training, a student advisor will be able to:

  • Display confidence and comfortability in working with a variety of personalities
  • Express themselves with clarity when interacting with other team members, faculty, staff members, and new students and their families
  • Employ good customer service skills while working with new students and their families
  • Lead a group of peers in teambuilding exercises
  • Synthesize information about campus resources to share with first year students and their families
  • Lead thoughtful discussions and activities regarding the academic experience
  • Encourage an appreciation of the diverse cultures and backgrounds new students bring to campus
  • Recognize each of the Student Advisors by name and recall something about them
  • Discuss the First Year Orientation Philosophy with new students and parents
  • Demonstrate objectivity and responsible decisionā€making.