Film Studies


Learn the theory and practice of film.
Discover the cinema of diverse cultures.
Examine the political significance of the moving image.
Master cinematography, sound, mise-en-scene, and editing.

Study film at Muhlenberg College.

Student Projects

Students in Muhlenberg’s production sequence learn to tell compelling stories in a variety of styles. We use the latest equipment, including full HD cameras and Final Cut Pro.

The films below are a small sample of our students' work.

For Now

By Sakina Maghrib, Jake Ramsay, and Jackson Bull

Drama, 2010. Two young women in Morocco risk everything for their relationship. In French and Arabic with English subtitles.


By Liz Harris and Philip Lakin

Comedy, 2009. High school friends hatch the ultimate plan to get out of trouble. (Warning: mature content)

The Withering Tree

By Julia Gersuk, Jordan Miller, and Hugh Trimble

Horror, 2010. An abandoned factory reveals its secrets.

The Date

By Meredith Murphy and Joanna Whitney

Comedy/Drama, 2010. Sometimes it’s better to ignore your friends’ advice.

The Making of Short Bus Ridaz

By John Carter, Andrew Weisel, and Zach Carter

Comedy, 2010. A behind-the-scenes look at the making of a television pilot.

Paper Thin

By Peter Kleinberger, Jordan Miller, and Kathleen Telesco

Drama, 2009. An examination of the obstacles that divide us.

Falling or Flying

By Daniela Quiroz, Caroline West, and Kelley Wynne

Drama, 2010. A young woman tries to figure out what is missing in her life.

Everything Is Fine

By Erika Liljestrand and Alayna Martin.

Drama, 2010. Three friends try to come to terms with something they can’t even talk about.