Bias Resource & Education Team

The Bias Resource & Education Team (BRET) represents a cross section of the Muhlenberg College community (faculty, administrators, and students) who provide direct support to any individual(s) affected by a bias incident or hate crime, document the incident for information gathering and archival purposes, recommend campus responses to any incidents to the appropriate senior officers of the College (President, Provost, Dean of Students, and Vice President for Human Resources), and support campus educational efforts.

Three team members serve as ex officio members and are permanent members of the team (Director of Multicultural Life, Director of Residential Services and Director of Athletics). Other faculty and administrators will serve 3 year terms. Each student team member will serve a 1 year term renewable with support from the Vice President of Student Affairs/Dean of Students. Each year the group will appoint a convener who will be responsible for calling meetings and communicating with the team members. Each academic year a review of the members will occur and if current members are at the end of their term or graduating, a call for new volunteers will be issued on campus by the BRET convener. The team will participate in training each year. This training will focus on such areas as recognizing bias incidents, on supporting individual(s) affected by a bias incident, on how to report on campus and what campus resources are available, on issues specific to campus based on a review of reports, etc. The team will meet at minimum of 2 times each semester to review incidents, to discuss team and campus educational and training needs, and to determine potential recommendations to the appropriate senior officers of the College.

BRET members will provide direct support by guiding any individual(s) who are a target of or witness to a bias incident or hate crime through the process of reporting bias-motivated incidents (see How to Report). BRET members will connect individual(s) to campus resources as additional sources of support. BRET members will partner with individuals affected by bias incidents to identify appropriate responses to recommend to PDAC.

Documenting and Recommending Responses:
The BRET convener will maintain a record of the monthly reports (of any bias incidents and hate crimes) issued by the Vice President of Human Resources and the Dean of Students. Through the record keeping, the BRET members will be better equipped to identify any patterns of bias and discrimination that exist on campus and make recommendations to the appropriate senior officers of the College for possible campus responses to these incidents and issues.

Adapted from Dickinson College’s Bias Education & Response Team

Current Bias Resource & Education Team Members:



Lin-Chi Wang, J.D.

Associate Dean of Students and Director of Equity and Title IX
Address Muhlenberg College Equity and Title IX 2400 Chew Street Allentown, PA 18104