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Summer 2017 Muhlenberg Magazine

History and Medicine at Muhlenberg
History prof Daniel Wilson reflects on a career studying the history of medicine.

Stem Cell Science
Dr. Leonard Zon ’79 makes his mark on genetics research.

Muhlenberg’s Nobel Laureate
Dr. Henry David Abraham ’63 was a corecipient of the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize.

Muhlenberg College Emergency Medical Service
Hands-on experience and camaraderie abound.


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Muhlenberg Magazine - Winter 2017 Cover

Winter 2017 Muhlenberg Magazine

Understanding Globalization
Political science professor Mohsin Hashim examines how we can be better global citizens.

Alumni Abroad
Many factors draw Muhlenberg grads to lives and careers outside the u.S.

Costa Rican Community Connections
Biology professor Rich Niesenbaum and his students have been studying in Costa Rica for two decades.

A Transformational Semester
Students studying abroad report that the experience has a profound impact on them.



Muhlenberg Magazine - Summer 2016 Cover

Summer 2016 Muhlenberg Magazine

The Beauty and Edification Found in Reading
English professor James Bloom discusses the importance of books.

'Berg Alumni Have Been Quite Bookish
Grads pursue careers as authors and write as part of enriching lives and professions.

Those Who Teach, Also Write
Faculty turn research interests into published works.

A Collection That is Special
Trexler Library’s Special Collection



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Spring 2016

Serving at Home and Abroad
Young alumni make a difference through volunteer programs and careers.

Completing the Circle
Alumni make an impact upon returning to the Lehigh Valley.

From Appalachia to Malawi
Muhlenberg grads bring medical help to those most in need.


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