Muhlenberg Campus Housing is currently in

Phase 3 of the Phased Approach to the Visitor Policy


Spring 2021 Housing Statuses:

Remote Status

Remote students will not have campus housing, and campus meal plan, or any access to facilities or in person resources on campus throughout the semester.

They have remote access to services from the Counseling Center, Writing Center, Academic Resource Center (including tutoring), the Office of Disability Services, etc., Career Services, etc. They are assigned a remote RA who will reach out about individual and community meetings.

Commuter Status

Please note that the commuting policy typically requires students to be commuting from their home address within 25 miles of the college. For the Spring 2021 semester, we have extended that radius to a “reasonable driving distance to the college”. If you do not live within 25 miles of the campus, you will not be approved as a commuter student for future semesters.

Commuting students have access to in person and remote campus resources and facilities (except residence halls including MILE houses and apartments).

Commuting students are required to participate in our campus testing protocol. 

Off Campus Status

Off Campus students  (This includes residents of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity house) have access to in person and remote campus resources and facilities (except residence halls including MILE houses and apartments). When conditions warrant, access to campus may be restricted to essential on campus resources only (meals, library, etc.)

Off Campus students are required to participate in our campus testing protocol. Off Campus students will be tested weekly.

Campus Housing 

Students living on campus including in the MILE area are required to participate in our campus testing protocol and will be tested at a minimum of every two weeks.  

Spring 2021 billing note for on-campus students:

If you make the decision not to return to campus housing before February 7, you will receive a refund for housing, meal costs, and the student activity fee. 

If you change your housing status after February 7, you will be responsible for the full housing cost for the semester and the student activity. You would receive a prorated refund of the meal plan for the weeks remaining in the semester. 

If your move in is delayed, you are responsible for the full housing cost, full meal plan, and student activity fee. 

Housing Waitlist Form for Spring 2021

Image for Housing Resources

Housing Resources

Navigate all the information that will allow you to thrive in your residence.

Image for Residential Education

Residential Education

Learn about the Resident Advisor program and the educational opportunities offered within the halls.

Image for Living Options

Living Options

Explore your options for living in traditional residence halls, suite style housing and properties in our MILE Program.

Image for Dining Options

Dining Options

Muhlenberg's dining program offers variety, convenience and flexibility to students living on and off campus. Campus meal plans are designed to fit the lifestyles of Muhlenberg students.

Image for Make It Home

Make It Home

Find tips for roommates, decorating ideas and making your hall a home.

Image for Housing Forms

Housing Forms

Apply for unique housing opportunities and to reside over break periods.



Living on Campus

Welcome to your home away from home! Through our holistic approach to residential living, students open doors to self-understanding, deep learning and lasting friendships. There is a shared responsibility in maintaining a safe and inclusive community, conducive to academic achievement, wellness and respect.

Our Residence Hall Communities

We know that most college students spend between 80 and 100 hours per week in their residence halls, more than in all other spaces on campus. Our resident advisors and liaisons make the most of this time through community development, cultural understanding, educational programming, life-skill-building opportunities and mentorships. 

Living on campus, students join a caring, vibrant community. Here’s a taste of what we offer:

  • Community Meetings: Join together with fellow residents.
  • Community Events: Learn and socialize with your dormmates.
  • Appreciation Days: Thank the people who work in your building.
  • Community Service Projects: Every building coordinates a project for Allentown residents.

Finding Your Campus Home

There are several halls and community properties that offer both traditional style housing and suite style housing. Our residence halls offer services for day to day living, but they also provide collaborative community spaces to interact with other residents. Whether you crave energetic social spaces or a quiet work environment, a single room or a suite with friends, all are in close proximity to the best places on campus. Check out our many options.

Housing and Residence Life handles the campus-wide housing lottery, the MILE lottery (for College-owned houses and apartments), group-interest housing, special-needs housing and the off-campus application process (for juniors and seniors who wish to live off campus). You are also able to apply to stay in your residence hall over semester breaks. Housing and Residence Life is located on the ground floor of Prosser Hall. Please contact us at 484-664-3180 or email with for information.