In a w‌orld that is becoming increasingly interdependent, study abroad represents a significant means by which students may better prepare themselves to face challenges of the future.

52.4% of Muhlenberg graduates from the Class of 2017 studied abroad. Currently there are between 250 and 300 students studying abroad each year.

Muhlenberg College encourages students in all science, social science, arts and humanities majors to study overseas at quality institutions in Europe, Australia, Asia, Latin America and Africa. Muhlenberg supports four discipline-specific study abroad opportunities. The London Theatre Program at Goldsmiths College, University of London and the program for Accounting, Business and Economics majors at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands are offered during the fall semester. A program for Media & Communication & Film Studies majors in Dublin, Ireland and a Dance program in Arezzo, Italy are both offered during the spring semester. In addition, Muhlenberg has established exchange opportunities in Europe and in Japan.