Go beyond the classroom. Dive into real-world experience and personal growth.

Ignite your potential by exploring hands-on challenges and making meaningful connections. Across the curriculum, you’ll have learning experiences that allow you to take risks and gain new insights and deeper understanding.

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Faculty & Student Research

Muhlenberg students have the opportunity to work alongside faculty to contribute to existing research projects or to design their own.

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Academic Partnerships

Muhlenberg challenges students to make moves that matter. Our partners support students as they decide where they will create impact.

Explore your future with our world-class partners

Chart your path by connecting your Muhlenberg degree program to additional degrees and certificates with our partner institutions.

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Career Center & Internships

Gain experiences and expertise that will prepare you to thrive in a career that aligns with your passion and goals.

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Study Abroad & Global Education

The world is your classroom. Explore one of our 137 study abroad experiences.

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Academic Support & Resources

Powerful outcomes are built upon a foundation of personalized support. Muhlenberg College’s support services are inclusive, accessible and active.

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Faculty Excellence

Muhlenberg’s reputation as one of the best liberal arts colleges in the nation stems from the quality of its challenging academic program and its outstanding faculty.

Muhlenberg Academics

Opportunities Await

From study abroad to research and scholarship to exceptional facilities and resources, a Muhlenberg education is a transformative experience.

Student Voices

From the Source

Adonis Brooks
Simone Kaye
Raymond Ceres
Yuyang Chen

“I've always been a curious person, research gives me an opportunity to ask questions and find answers to them, and someone pays me on top of that. That is a dream job.” — Adonis Brooks ’23 , Business Administration and Psychology Double Major Read Adonis' story

“I was very involved in the day-to-day needs of the residents, which made it feel a lot more personal and gave me a deeper understanding of the experiences that people re-entering society face.” — Simone Kaye ’23 , Prelaw Philosophy Major Read Simone's story

“During the activities fair, I signed up for these two programs. They both involved going off-campus and helping students, and that was very appealing to me.” — Raymond Ceres ’25 Read Raymond's story

“I gained valuable first-hand experience on exhibition curation, on how to conduct research in the museum world and on how to present my research not just to scholars but to the general public.” — Hector Chen ’23 , History Major and Studio Art Minor Read Hector's story