Michael London

Associate Professor, Business
Accounting, Business, Economics & Finance
Main Campus > Ettinger Building > 306F


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  • Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University
  • B.A., University of Michigan 

Teaching Interests

My expertise is in group facilitation and my goal is to create a dynamic and lively classroom experience for my students. I use methodology that is rooted in my field, organizational behavior, and also draw upon experiences in consulting with organizations, leading T-groups, playing music in ensembles and corporate training. I enjoy innovating and have been working on an approach to teaching I call "The Co-Created Classroom," in which I partner with my students to make the classroom come alive and build a cohesive learning community. I have a strong belief that there is greater potential and when we engage the "whole student" they respond with a higher set of concerns.

Beyond my field of expertise, I draw from varied interests to offer a true liberal arts experience in my business classes. My experience in consulting and coaching enlivens the classroom and brings richness to my teaching, grounding theory in current practice. I also strive to help students build a grounded confidence based on their actual strengths and not platitudes or ego. I use a variety of teaching approaches including case studies, role-plays, one-on-one student coaching, research papers, exams, essays, service-learning, group projects, vibrant class discussions and formal presentations. I also use my interests in music and poetry to uplift students and inspire them to be fully engaged in their learning.  I am also Department Internship Director for students majoring in Business Administration. 


Research, Scholarship or Creative/Artistic Interests

My current scholarship is devoted to innovation in management education and I have a passionate interest in student-centered pedagogy. My research includes work on student engagement, management education, leadership, group dynamics and music and poetry in management pedagogy. I also coach top executives, helping them to reach their creative potential in leading organizations and achieving their personal goals. I also facilitate and mediate through team-building sessions, T-groups and a variety of training programs. As a guitarist and songwriter, I perform concerts of the deeply moving, transcendental poetry of Rumi, the 13th century Persian Sufi mystic. I recently collaborated with a group of my students on a conference presentation and they created a video of their experience in my courses.  The Course Hero website recently featured an article on my teaching approach, “Improve Learning by Co-Teaching to Help Students Feel Invested.”


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