Tiffany Montoya

Consortium for Faculty Diversity Fellow, Philosophy
Moyer Hall


B.A., English/Creative Writing, University of New Mexico
B.A., Philosophy, University of New Mexico
M.A., Philosophy, Purdue University
Ph.D., Philosophy, Purdue University

Teaching Interests

I love teaching philosophy, in general, because I get to connect with students over some of the most fundamental questions of life. More specifically, I teach various classes in social philosophy (Political Theory, Philosophy of Race/Racism, Ethics, and Global Moral Issues, to name a few). I teach these classes with a heartfelt sense of responsibility to create better citizens and humans, who can think critically about complex social/political issues, who have the courage to reflect on their own presuppositions, and who can connect more fully with their own humanity and that of others.

Research, Scholarship or Creative/Artistic Interests

My research is broadly about questions of well-being, what it is, what are the social and political barriers to experiencing it, and speculating on what a world that prioritizes well-being (of both people and the planet) could look like. I especially look at how our political economy and economic system plays a role in helping or hindering the aim of well-being.

Professional Website

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