Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fiber Art, Gachon University
Bachler of Digital Design, Gachon University (Related Field)
Bachler of Fine Arts in Studio Art, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking, Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple University

Teaching Interests

My goal as a teacher is to cultivate students' abilities to solve problems so that they can become independent artists who can utilize their knowledge and experience in realizing their artistic goals. With this in mind, I design a course that focuses on printmaking as a means of artistic practice. I emphasize the value of exploring the infinite possibilities of printmaking while sharpening students' technical expertise as a printmaker. I consider printing as a powerful tool that conveys an artist's thoughts and story. I like to challenge students to think critically about the world around them as well as themselves. I envision fostering artists who are socially aware and competent enough in their fields to have a successful and prosperous career as a member of society.
I'd like to equip students with the tool, art, to develop and realize their artistic goals. Balanced with competent technical expertise, students learn to address their idea and message through artmaking. In the process of thinking, making, and undergoing trials and errors, students will learn and improve, cultivating creative thinking and problem-solving ability. My role is to walk alongside and guide them through the place where they can envision and begin their promising career.

Research, Scholarship or Creative/Artistic Interests

I am interested in examining the intersection of place, identity, and history. Moving to the United States as an international student and an artist profoundly affected how I perceived myself and the world around me. This led me to explore the idea of place and border, which resulted in a series of works interpreting home as a relational space: shifting, changing, and essentially temporary.

I am particularly interested in how we form identities and relationships through places, in the sense that a place informs us of history, origins, and memory.

My experience in Seongnam, Korea, deepened this notion of a particular site as a means of processing memory and relationships. I developed a project that addressed community issues, such as the disintegration of small towns, gentrification, and ruthless development policies that quickly transformed neighborhoods into anonymous places. In collaboration with the neighborhood, I created an installation piece that empowered the community, activating the space as an engaging and ongoing site of gathering.

Drawing from a various range of a shared visual culture and socially-minded references, including but not limited to personal narrative, historical events, local/global phenomena, and contemporary literature, I continue to investigate the intersection of place, identity, and history.

Professional Website

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