Greek Affairs

New Member/Aspirant Education

Students who are offered bids and accept them begin the process of becoming educated about the chapter. The length of this process, as well as much of its content, is regulated by the chapter's national headquarters. Educational programs are conducted in as little as four weeks to as many as ten. All activities should be easily connected back to the values and ideals of the organization. Chapter history, songs, service and philanthropic activities are all part of the educational process. New members can expect to participate in meetings, study sessions, campus programs, community service projects and other chapter activities.

Muhlenberg College does not tolerate hazing. Any chapter or individual found participating in such activities will be held accountable for their actions. Please review Muhlenberg's Anti-Hazing Policy‌ for more details. You are strongly encouraged to contact the advisor to fraternity & sorority life with any concern or questions you may have about your student in particular or a chapter as a whole. New Member Education should be a positive experience that upon completion has prepared a student to be an active leader within their fraternity or sorority and on campus. If you have any concerns about hazing in particular, please contact the Muhlenberg College Department of Police/Campus Safety.

New Member Education Programs

You can find links to the education program submitted by each chapter for its new members on the fraternity & sorority life page. The schedule comprises all expectations of new members or aspirants related to the educational program. The chapter may not add additional requirements without providing them in writing to new members and the Office of Student Leadership Programs in advance of their implementation. Your son or daughter has also been apprised of the requirements related to the education schedule and has signed an affidavit verifying this. If you have questions about the program you are encouraged to contact the chapter leadership directly.