Greek Affairs

New Member/Aspirant Recruitment

Formal Recruitment Week is held each fall within the first three weeks of the semester. Students must have attained sophomore status before they are permitted to participate in Recruitment Week. Muhlenberg College and the fraternity/sorority community support this delayed process because it gives first-year students time to acclimate to the College campus and routine before considering the additional responsibilities of chapter membership. Some men's chapters also conduct a Spring Recruitment Week. Because of national organization regulations governing recruitment, most women's chapters do not hold a spring recruitment.

More detailed information about recruitment is available through this link.

Recruitment is a process of mutual selection. Not only are interested students investigating each of the chapters, each chapter is looking for new members who subscribe to their particular values and ideals and will be an asset to the organization. With such a process, not everyone who participates is guaranteed an invitation (referred to as a "bid") to the organization of their choice, or any organization for that matter. Similarly, students who participate in Formal Recruitment Week are under no obligation to join an organization even if they receive a bid.