Muhlenberg Announces Smoke- and Tobacco-Free Campus Policy

On August 15, Muhlenberg will become a smoke- and tobacco-free campus.

By: Meghan Kita  Tuesday, April 2, 2019 04:14 PM

President Williams announced the change in February. The policy prohibits the use of all smoke and tobacco products, including cigarettes, e-cigarettes (including Juul) and smokeless tobacco, on College property.

Greg Kantor ’18 conducted independent research during his time as a public health major at Muhlenberg that showed broad community support for such a policy. He surveyed more than 500 students, faculty and staff, including plant operations workers and Sodexo employees. More than two-thirds of respondents—including some who identified as smokers—said they were in favor of a move toward a smoke- and tobacco-free policy.

“It’s so rewarding to see all my efforts were not only valued but are going toward a positive change on our campus,” says Kantor, who is now pursuing his master’s in public health at the Boston University School of Public Health.

“It really does go to show, at least at Muhlenberg, that a small group of people with a vision for how to improve health can effect change.”

In the coming months, the College will offer education sessions and help connect members of the community who are interested in quitting with cessation programs.

“We’re committed as a College to providing a safe and healthy environment for our students, faculty, staff and visitors,” says Chrysan Cronin, director and assistant professor of public health, who leads a team of faculty, staff and students in planning the transition. “We are proudly joining more than 2,000 colleges and universities throughout the country that have become smoke- and tobacco-free campuses.”