Our Values Must Guide Us Forward

A message from President Harring to the Muhlenberg community

 Thursday, January 7, 2021 10:45 AM

Dear members of the Muhlenberg Community,

Yesterday we watched the violent invasion of the United States Capitol in disbelief, fear and sadness. The scenes brought to mind tyrannies from our history and illustrated the deep divisions and inequities that persist across our country. We are reminded that our democracy is fragile and in need of constant vigilance with the engagement of every citizen in our country.

Our commitment at Muhlenberg to a deep and honest understanding of the past and our mission to foster critical thinking, open dialogue and civic engagement is crucial to our path forward. As a community, we must come together in support of one another and model a community of care and respect for all. We demonstrate our strength and resilience by remaining steadfast to our values in the face of an unabashed attack on our democracy.

Together we must work for peace, equality, justice and healing in our country.

In unity,

Kathy Harring