Economics and Finance Mission Statement

The mission of the Economics and Finance Programs at Muhlenberg College is to provide a rigorous course of study in the methods and perspectives of economics and finance for the purpose of developing independent and critical thinkers, equipped with ethical values who are able to express ideas with clarity and grace. We integrate the very best traditions of the liberal arts with pre-professional studies, nurturing the intellectual agility necessary for success in a dynamic world. Our faculty members are passionate about teaching, value close relationships with students, and are committed to the importance of professional activity and research.


Finance Program Learning Goals

Students in the finance program will develop the ability to:

  • Apply the time value of money to solve financial problems.
  • Understand the principle that risk requires compensation.
  • Apply the principles of capital budgeting.
  • Explain the efficient market hypothesis and its implications for financial markets.
  • Understand how the financial system allocates capital and transfers risk.
  • Understand how central banks attempt to stabilize the financial system and the broader economy.
  • Communicate effectively about financial concepts, analyses, and decisions.
  • Identify and respond to ethical dilemmas in finance.