Course-Specific Workshops

ARC organizes course-specific workshops for a variety of gateway courses. Workshops are facilitated by trained peer tutors who meet weekly with the course instructor. No sign-up is necessary. Approximately 25% of all Muhlenberg students participate in workshops each semester. Some courses boast nearly 100% participation. It is not uncommon for students to both attend a workshop and work individually or in a small group with a peer tutor. The more frequently students attend workshop, the more likely they are to achieve success in the course.

Workshops offer students with opportunities to:

  • Clarify, reinforce, and deepen understanding of course material
  • Develop the habits of mind that enable their long-term success
  • Engage in dialogue around course content with their peers
  • Apply critical course concepts to supplemental problem sets
  • Hone course-specific study strategies
  • Prepare for exams