Minor Requirements

Students must choose six courses with at least three different prefixes, which may include a Senior Capstone independent study, designed in consultation with the program director and other Asian sudies faculty. Courses may be chosen from Special Topics listings and from among the regular College offerings listed below. 

Students are also encouraged to supplement these course offerings with language study, offered on LVAIC campuses and through study abroad opportunities. 

One semester of Asian language study may be counted toward the minor. See the program director for official approval of any course not listed below.

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Study Abroad

Our students participate in study abroad throughout Asia on programs in Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Bhutan, India, Nepal, and Indonesia.


ATH 282: Anthropology of China
ATH 387: Queer China

CHN 101: Elementary Chinese l
CHN 102: Elementary Chinese ll
CHN 203: Intermediate Chinese l
CHN 204: Intermediate Chinese ll

ECN 286: The Economics of Poverty and Discrimination

ENG 217: Reading India

Film Studies:
FLM 330: New Asian Cinema
FLM 334: Bollywood: Indian Popular Cinema

HST 107: China's Magical Creatures (and Where to Find Them)
HST 124: Women in Chinese History
HST 137: People and Their Stuff in Chinese History
HST 259: Korean History
HST 267: Introduction to Traditional Japan
HST 269: Introduction to Traditional China
HST 271: Introduction to Modern China
HST 380: China and Its Foreign Relations before 1800
HST 391/392: The Mongol Legacy

Languages, Literatures and Cultures:
FRN 333: France and Asia

Media and Communication: 
COM 205: Asian American Media

MILA (Muhlenberg Integrated Learning Abroad):
The Pearl River Delta in China
Climate Change and Sustainable Development in Bangladesh
Ecology and Religion in Japan

PHL 250: Philosophies of India
PHL 251: Philosophies of China
PHL 351: Daoist Philosophies

Political Science:
PSC 232/233: Governments & Politics of East Asia

Religion Studies:
REL 119: The Moral Self
REL 203: Religions of India
REL 207: Religions of China
REL 208: Religions of Japan
REL 225: Buddhist Traditions
REL 282: Zen Buddhism
REL 314: Death and Desire in Tibetan Buddhism
REL 383: Gandhi and Nonviolence
REL 387: Gender and Sexuality in Buddhism

SOC 288: Politics and Economics in (Post)Modern Chinese Society

Asian Traditions:
AST 950: Senior Capstone Project
AST 970 : Independent Study in Asian Traditions


Kammie Takahashi

Director of Asian Studies
Address Muhlenberg College Asian Studies Moyer 226 2400 Chew Street Allentown, PA 18104