Undergraduate Research Opportunites

The faculty encourages students to become involved in an independent research project as part of their undergraduate educational experience. If you are interested in performing research, check out the websites of faculty in Chemistry and Biology to learn more about their research. Talk with faculty member(s) whose research focus is in line with your own interests and discuss the possibility of developing a project with them (at least a half-semester in advance). Students may carry out research for academic credit during the Fall and/or Spring semesters. Students also can participate in a summer research program at Muhlenberg. In some cases, students may paid a stipend to perform research and/or receive free housing from the College during the summer. If you are interested in summer research, it is suggested you speak with a potential advisor well in advance about funding sources.

Be sure to check out the College's main Student Research and Scholarship website, which describes funding sources, showcases student projects, and provides important information about safe use of the facilities and instrumentation.

Current and previous students have also participated in research programs at other academic institutions, governmental agencies, and in industry. Please feel free to speak with faculty members for advice about exploring such opportunities.