Summer Research Grants

Vaughan Summer Research Grant
Dr. James R. Vaughan ’52 graduated from Muhlenberg College as a biology major and earned an M.S. and Ph.D. in Biology from Lehigh University, specializing in bacteriology and biochemistry. Dr. Vaughan joined the Muhlenberg faculty in 1956 and served as head of the Department of Biology for 25 years (1965-1990). He retired after 40 years on the Muhlenberg faculty and received the Alumni Association Award for distinguished exceptional service to the College.

Dr. Vaughan was sincerely committed and passionately interested in subjects that spanned the breath of the discipline of biology, from molecules to ecosystems. This makes the Vaughan Summer Research Grant especially appropriate for students interested in the study of life at any level. Funds are used annually to provide a stipend for a student(s) engaged in summer research under the guidance of a member of the Muhlenberg Biology Department. 

Trainer Summer Research Grant

John Ezra Trainer, Sr. (1914 – 1999) was born and grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He enrolled in Muhlenberg College and gradated a member of the Class of 1935. He earned Master (1938) and Doctoral (1946) degrees from Cornell University. He taught biology courses at Cornell and East Tennessee universities, but most of his academic life was dedicated to informing and inspiring literally countless students at Muhlenberg College where he taught for 40 years (1939 – 1979). The Department of Biology Conrad W. Raker Biological Field Station and Wildlife Sanctuary in Germansville, Pennsylvania was gifted to Muhlenberg College principally from the gratitude and friendship of his admiring bird student, field trip companion, and friend Conrad W. Raker (Muhlenberg College Class 1934).

The joy he received from the study and teaching of birds makes the Trainer Award especially appropriate for students interested in field investigations.

Neuroscience Collaborative Research Grant
Through the generosity of the Sentience Foundation and private donors, the Neuroscience program is able support several competitive student summer research grants. To qualify for this grant, you need to be engaged in Neuroscience research with a faculty member on campus. You do not need to be a Neuroscience major.

In addition, alumni and friends of the Biology Department have made financial gifts to support student research. These funds may be used to provide a stipend for students who wish to engage in summer research under the guidance of a member of the Muhlenberg Biology Department

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Applications for these three awards are due in February.

Federal and Foundation Research Grants
Individual faculty members may have summer research awards for students through federal and foundation funding sources, such as the National Science Foundation's Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program. For availability of these opportunities, consult with individual faculty members no later than January preceding the summer you wish to do research.