"The Dana Scholars program allowed me to create important, close relationships with professors that I still cherish and to explore areas that have shaped my political being and aesthetic thought. As a young curator and cultural worker, I'm grateful to have been guided in developing rich lines of inquiry, crafting cogent questions, and shaping fruitful interdisciplinary projects grounded in peer community." —Matthew Dicken '14
Dana Scholars

"Each Dana gathering pulled me further from the world that I thought I knew and showed me the value of communal discourse to analyze and challenge the "norm". The Dana Program fostered a healthy skepticism for ideas and importantly, emphasized listening to the other perspectives in the room. The Dana Seminar was my favorite part of the experience. In connection with the seminar, I collaborated with some very thoughtful students on a research paper which grappled with the politics of space using the slums of Mumbai as a case study. Skills acquired through the Dana Program, such as writing succinctly, carefully listening to others and thinking critically, have served me well in the practice of law and I am thankful for my involvement in the program." —Joseph Armenti '10

The Dana Scholars Program, made possible by the Charles A. Dana Foundation, acknowledges students who display academic potential, good character, integrity, and leadership ability through contributions both inside and outside of the classroom.

Mission Statement
The Dana Program offers outstanding, intellectually versatile students an opportunity to belong to a community of scholars that promotes engaged citizenship and leadership, fosters conversations across disciplines, and pursues rigorous academic inquiry. Each Dana scholar can major in any academic department or program. Over the course of four years, Dana scholars participate in shared seminars, independent research projects, and unique internship experiences. All Dana seniors engage in collaborative research projects on issues of public concern and interest.