Secondary Programs

The secondary certification program is designed to offer a broad range of field experiences that enhance the candidate’s understanding of the relationship of pedagogy to the subject matter areas in secondary schools. Students should make their major department advisor aware of their interest in seeking secondary certification as early as possible as some majors have specific course requirements within the major for certification.

The Education Department works closely with academic departments to offer approved programs of study leading to certification. Requirements for each major can be found in the college catalog under the specific department. In an effort to help students select the appropriate courses for the major while meeting the requirements of certification, students are assigned both an advisor in their major and in the Education Department.

The Education Department accepts the following majors for corresponding content certificates:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • History (Social Studies)
  • Music (through an academic partnership with Moravian College)
Required Cognate Courses
  • One (1) composition/writing course (satisfied through the First-Year Seminar)
  • Two (2) mathematics courses
  • One (1) British or American Literature course
  • GEO 102: World Geography
Professional Core Courses
  • EDU 101: History and Politics of American Education
  • EDU 106: Educational Psychology: Adolescent Learning and Development
  • EDU 201: Introduction to Special Education
  • EDU 206: Integrating Curriculum & Instruction for Adolescent Learners
  • EDU 212: Inclusive Education for Emergent Bilingual Students
  • EDU 362, 330, 336 or 346: Content Area Curriculum for Adolescent Learners*

*Open to students who have been formally accepted into the program. Please see Admission Requirements for the criteria for Formal Acceptance.

Professional Semester

  • EDU 410: Assessment and Evaluation
  • EDU 420: Studies in Professional Education
  • EDU 950: Student Teaching I
  • EDU 951: Student Teaching II

Sample 4-Year Schedule