Student Research and Scholarship

More than 60 students collaborate with faculty on a variety of research projects each summer as part of Muhlenberg's vibrant research community. Topics can be student- or faculty-driven, and span the natural and social sciences, the humanities and the arts.

Students are typically on campus for eight to 10 weeks of full-time research and receive a stipend, housing and college credit.

Our undergraduate researchers join in a weekly summer seminar series in which students discuss their work. Students present their work to the entire campus community at an annual poster session. Student research may result in publication in academic journals and students may travel off-campus to present their scholarly work at regional, national and international conferences, with travel funds provided by the College.

Many students take the opportunity to continue their summer research during the academic year by registering for independent study credit or a research assistantship under the guidance of a faculty member. These programs provide hands-on experience with a faculty mentor to complement their classroom education with practical work experience.

Research funding comes from a variety of sources, including national grants and foundation support, Summer Research Grants from the dean of academic life, Research Collaboration grants from the Provost’s office and generous support from alumni and friends of the College.


  • Where Psychology and Sustainability Meet

    Double major Francesca Jones ’21 combines her interests in a summer research project examining differences in the perceived risk of climate change among different socioeconomic groups.

  • The Intersection of Music and History

    Independent research on how one composer’s operas served as propaganda for King Louis XIV is helping Tess Rhian ’21 prepare for graduate school.

  • Exploring Community History

    Inspired by the integrative learning course HIV and AIDS in the Lehigh Valley, Victoria Retterholt ’22 is conducting summer research in public health to more closely examine how that pandemic affected local Hispanic and Latino populations.

  • Growing Support

    A new scholarship and research grants, all earmarked for sustainability studies, expand opportunities for students.