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Welcome Back!
The Global Education Office will host a welcome back reception a few weeks into the semester of your return to campus. You will enjoy food and conversation with faculty and administration who are invited and look forward to seeing you and hearing about your abroad academic and traveling experiences. You will receive important information at this meeting giving instructions on the procedure to transfer your abroad courses to appear on your Muhlenberg transcript.

The Global Education Office has set a high priority on providing future study abroad students with as much information as possible regarding the options for studying abroad. Feedback from past study abroad students regarding their experience abroad represents a very important component of our efforts to evaluate both specific programs and the kind of predeparture programs and advice we provide to prospective study abroad students. You will be given a survey link to record your impressions. Your responses will assist Muhlenberg College’s Global Education Office in preparing future students to gain the most from their study abroad experience.

Meeting with Dr. Kish-Goodling
The Dean of Global Education must sign and approve your form with all its attachments. Three weeks before classes end, you will be notified by our office as to the times and dates available for a 10 minute appointment to see Dr. Kish-Goodling in the Office of Global Education at 2242 Chew Street. At that meeting, Dr. Kish-Goodling will review all your transfer course authorization documentation and sign it. Our office will forward all the documentation to the Registrar.

Homesickness and Alienation




  • No friends
  • “Self-imposed” isolation
  • Limited intercultural skill development        

Anger, Frustration, Irritability

  • Acting out (physical, verbal)
  • Excessive drinking
  • Ethnocentrism 
  • Defensiveness
  • Complaining about the host culture/people          

Anomie, Loneliness    

  • Isolation
  • Withdrawal (social, academic)          



  • Judgmental
  • Stereotyping
  • Communication problems
  • Poor decision making
  • Questioning Self (identity, role, purpose)       


  • Insomnia
  • Substance abuse
  • Weight change
  • Appetite change
  • Social/Academic withdrawal
  • Emotional swings
  • Irritability/anger
  • Decline in self-care


  • Nervousness
  • Tension (muscles, “nerves”)
  • Insomnia         
  • Poor concentration
  • Fear of being misunderstood          


  • Regressive behaviors
  • Social and academic withdrawal
  • Lack of care for self/others
  • Poor personal hygiene


  • Injury
  • Inadequacies
  • Not being understood
  • Threat/harm persecution
  • Contamination


  • Compensation
  • Acting out behaviors
  • Withdrawal defensive
  • No appropriate risk taking
  • Hand-washing, clothes
  • Avoidance behaviors
  • Hand-washing, clothes
  • Avoidance behaviors
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