Major Requirements

The Jewish studies major consists of 9 courses as outlined below.

  • Two required core courses:
    • REL 229: Jewish Traditions
    • JST 109: Jewish Experience in a Secular Age
  • At least two courses in the area of Jewish Religion, Literature and Thought.  
  • At least two courses in the area of Jewish History, Experience and Culture. 
  • Special topics courses are also offered that can fulfill either the Jewish Religion, Literature and Thought or Jewish History, Experience and Culture requirements. 

See course descriptions for more information.

Language Requirement
All majors must take two semesters of Hebrew or another Jewish language, or complete Hebrew 204. Students may be exempted from this requirement on the basis of demonstrated proficiency.

Culminating Undergraduate Experience (CUE) Seminar
All majors must take the CUE seminar and produce a culminating research project during the final year of the major.

Courses Outside Muhlenberg
Courses taken abroad, as well as courses taken at the Jewish Theological Seminary during the spring semester program, can be counted towards the major, including the Hebrew requirement. All transfer credits must be approved by the program director.

Minor Requirements

The Jewish Studies Minor consists of six courses approved by the Program director. Courses taken for the minor must be from at least three different departments or programs. Only one credit may be fulfilled with a language course.


Jessica Cooperman

Director of Jewish Studies
Address Muhlenberg College Jewish Studies Moyer 226 2400 Chew Street Allentown, PA 18104