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Mathematics & Computer Science

Mathematics & Computer Science
Front Row L to R: W. Dunham, M. Jacob, B. Fadem, P. Dunham, L. Luckenbill, M. Dodson.
Back Row L to R: C. Kussmaul, B. Cha, L. McGuire, M. Huber, E. Rykken.

About The Program:

The Muhlenberg mathematics and computer science department includes the disciplines of pure mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics and computer science. The courses offered are structured to meet the overlapping needs of students who fall into one or more of these categories:

  • Those who wish to develop their appreciation of the power and beauty of mathematics
  • Those who intend to pursue graduate work in mathematics, computer science or other related fields
  • Those whose interests will exploit the applications of mathematics or computers in the natural sciences, social sciences and other areas of quantitative studies
  • Those who plan to enter the teaching profession in mathematics or computer science

The curriculum is designed so that a student's course of study can be custom fitted to that individual's goals and interests, while at the same time exposing the student to several of the facets of mathematics and computer science.

In addition, we recognize our responsibility to students with other majors, and offer courses designed to equip those students with the mathematical knowledge and tools required and/or useful in their chosen fields of study.

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