Muhlenberg physics students are trained in and exposed to the important skills of deductive and analytical reasoning. Our curriculum provides an understanding of natural phenomena and prepares students to express an intuitive model of nature in mathematical terms. In short, the study of physics is the study of problem-solving. A Muhlenberg education prepares graduates for the ever-changing technical world in which we live and for life in general.

The department’s faculty members are dedicated to undergraduate teaching. Laboratory investigations and intimate class sizes allow for individualized teaching - something we believe physics requires. Nearly all of our advanced physics students engage in individual research projects with a faculty mentor. Recent research projects have included work in areas of experimental high energy physics, the physics of music, observational astronomy, remote sensing using satellite data and physics pedagogy.


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Our Faculty

Physics program faculty are accomplished scholars and mentors dedicated to undergraduate research. Hands-on instruction takes place in our excellent campus environments and through mentorship at off-campus research facilities.

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Research Opportunities

Conduct research during the academic year, during the summer—Muhlenberg students regularly conduct nuclear and partical physics research at Brookhaven National Laboratory—or year-round in collaboration with department faculty.