Pre-Law at Muhlenberg College

Thinking about becoming a lawyer? Are you wondering what law school is like and how you might best prepare for it? What about studying for and taking the LSAT? How do you put together a competitive application? To which law schools can you reasonably expect to gain admission? Which law school will best meet your career goals?

These are the kind of questions that Muhlenberg’s Pre-Law Advising program helps you answer. Pre-Law Advising is dedicated to helping students and interested alumni learn about law schools and the legal profession. We provide the resources and support that enables students to make informed decisions about whether law school is right for them, as well as helping them to select the best law school to meet their career goals. We assist students in developing and preparing strong application materials.

All students who elect to participate in the pre-law program or who seek advice and direction regarding pre-law studies or applying to law school should contact:

Giacomo Gambino, Ph.D.
Director, Pre-Law Advising
Professor of Political Science
Office: 308c Ettinger Hall, 3rd Floor