Academic Judicial Board

Faculty and Lecturers serving on various committees for the current academic year are listed below.

Continuing Members:

Kassandra Hartford (h)
Susan Kahlenberg (ss)
Joseph Helsing (s)
Erika Iyengar (s)
Lynda Yankaskas (ss)
Kate Herrera (s)


The Academic Judicial Board serves as an appeals board for students for alleged violations of the Academic Integrity Code and is overseen by the Dean of Academic Life. Membership consists of six students selected by the Student Government Association by whatever method it deems appropriate at its first meeting of the academic year and six faculty members elected by the faculty for three-year terms. The Academic Judicial Board, at its first meeting of each academic year, shall select from its members a chair and secretary for that year. Procedures to be followed by the Academic Judicial Board for alleged violations of the Academic Integrity Code may be found in the Muhlenberg College Student Handbook. ()


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