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Resources on Grammar & the Writing Process
Use these links to help you with the writing process and writing projects. Many colleges and universities have created various reference-oriented sites that provide scholarly and effective instruction on the writing process. A brief list of resources follows:

Interactive Grammar Quizzes 
This link from the Endicot College Writing Center offers a series of interactive quizzes on identifying basic sentence parts, grammar constructions, and punctuation.

OWL - Purdue University's Online Writing Lab
Purdue's "OWL" is a tremendously helpful and useful site for student writers, faculty, and Writing Center staff alike. For the student writer, it includes a guide to help find writing resources on the Internet, student/faculty handouts that can help when the need arises to review basic writing skills and terminology, as well as a very extensive guide to "professional writing" (resumes, cover letters, etc.)

For Writing Center Tutors and Writing Assistants, OWL also includes several complete "Power Point" presentations that you may find invaluable when planning writing workshops. 

The Writer's Web
The Writer's Web is an on-line handbook created and maintained by Richmond University's Writing Center and WAC program staff, both students and faculty. Topics included on this page are: how to get started writing, writing first drafts, focusing and connecting ideas, analysis and argument, editing a draft, peer editing strategies, punctuation, sentence structure and mechanics, editing for clarity and style, documentation, using sources effectively, and writing on-line.

Writing Thesis Statements
This page, created by the University of Indiana, is a concise and example-oriented guide to writing powerful and effective thesis statements.

Taking an Essay Exam
Also created by the University of Indiana, this page describes techniques for preparing for, taking and editing an essay exam. It covers strategies for making the essay effective.

The Writer's Handbook
The Handbook is created by the University of Wisconsin and offers concise instruction on writing both academically and creatively, on editing for style, on documentation styles and on writing for varied disciplines (including science).

Encyclopedia Brittanica
For fact-checking and verification.

The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing
This page is a companion to the book of the same name. It covers style, structure, evidence and mechanics.

The Elements of Style
Strunk & White's usage and style guide.

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus
(with usage guide)

International Writing Centers Association
This site is a great writing resource that encompasses various aspects of the Writing Center. For those interested in looking at other college or university Writing Centers, the site provides an extensive list. The NWCA site also includes several different resources for the Writing Center, such as relevant on-line articles, tutor stories, e-mail discussion groups and many other resources for both writers and Writing Center members. A great source for various aspects of the Writing Center, including a list of numerous other college and university Writing Centers. Also includes articles and resources for the Writing Center, including Tutor Stories and E-Mail discussion groups and links to other writing resources.