Grants & Funding

As a result of both College funding and gifts from alumni of the College, we are able to provide two grant opportunities for students. Both of these grants are need-based and when applications are submitted, student's financial need is vetted with the Office of Financial Aid.  We encourage students to complete these applications as thoroughly and timely as possible.  Your application will go directly to the Dean of Students and will be reviewed by a committee to award grants.

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Emergency Grant
- This need-based grant is intended to provide one time relief for a specific student financial hardship or emergency. Some examples of items students may need support with include transportation home in an emergency, the cost of a uniform for a new job, unexpected medical cost, an immediate need for personal, technological, or academic items. More specific information is available on the application.

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Experiential Learning Grant - This need-based grant is intended to assist students in engaging in the fullness of the co-curricular and community aspects of the College.  Students are eligible for this grant up to two times per year or for up to $500 per year.  Examples of the use of this fund include a fee associated with a club or organization you wish to join, a field trip or excursion being offered through the College that has a cost associated with it, travel to academic and co-curricular national conferences and research presentations, fees associated with training programs, certifications, and other experiences that complement your academic or professional growth.

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