Observant Jewish Life on Campus

Despite its small size, Muhlenberg offers students many of the resources you would find at a larger university.

  • We have Friday night dinner at Hillel and regular Seudah Shleisheit (Third Meals).
  • The Allentown Eruv also covers the majority of campus and you can view the map here.
  • Off campus resources include the local Orthodox synagogue, Sons of Israel (10 minute walk) where many traditional and observant students regularly attend Shabbat morning services and are often hosted by families for Shabbat meals (a 40+ year tradition between Muhlenberg students and Sons of Israel families).
  • There is also a Chabad Student Center serving Muhlenberg (an unaffiliated organization from Muhlenberg College) that provides Shabbat lunch and other options for Observant students.
  • Star-K Supervised Kosher Dining Services
    • Muhlenberg has a fully-integrated kosher dining services (meat and dairy stations) that are open every lunch and dinner and operate as just another station in the dining hall open to all students without any prior arrangements. (Our dairy station is Star-D - and does not require Halav Yisrael dairy products.)

If you are interested in learning more about Observant life at Muhlenberg please reach out to Ira Blum, Director of Muhlenberg College Hillel and the Leffell Center for Jewish Student Life.