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Workday project update


We are excited to present a comprehensive timeline of activities for the entirety of the Workday Student project! Below is a brief summary explaining when the Muhlenberg community can expect to use specific functionality in Workday. Additional detail is linked in the full document on the right if you wish to review more information.


Fall 2020 marks the initial ‘go-live’ of Workday Student with core foundational structures up and running and the SLATE integration bringing Fall 2021 (class of 2024) students into Workday. For Staff, Programs of Study and Courses can be accessed and viewed in Workday. Demonstrations will begin occurring Spring and Summer of 2020 and training materials will be made available early Fall 2020.


Spring 2021 is where the real excitement begins! Faculty and Staff will utilize Workday to view student bio/demo and records information, and perform advising tasks.  Existing students will access Workday for the first time in April 2021 to update personal/contact information, FERPA, and register for Fall 2021 classes. Demonstrations will occur throughout Fall and Spring semesters, targeted training will be available to Faculty and Staff as needed, and open labs will be held to assist Faculty, Staff, and Students with self-service and administrative tasks in Workday.


June 2021 advising will occur in Workday and Fall 2021 students will have access to new student onboarding tasks. Student Financial information will be live in Workday and Financial Aid information can be viewed in Workday through integration with PowerFAIDS.


Fall 2021 the entirety of our Student functionality will be live in Workday and all Faculty, Staff, and Students will be completing self-service and administrative tasks in Workday including requesting transcripts, applying for graduating, and entering grades.

For further detail, linked on the right-hand side is the full timeline including timeframes for demonstrations, training, and various change management activities. Please keep in mind activities may shift slightly given the length and complexity of this project.

We are excited for what’s to come over the next year and a half and hope you will join in our excitement! If you have any questions please email and a member of the Organizational Change and Training team will respond within 24 hours.




Update 02/17/2020

The start of the new year is a good time for an update on the Workday at Muhlenberg project.  As a recap, the Workday implementation project began with a search for a Capstone replacement in late 2015.  At that time, there were two interdepartmental committees formed to create a  request for proposals to determine an application to replace the Capstone student information system.  As a result, the college determined that Workday Student would meet our needs and as a benefit Workday would enable us an all- in- one solution to meet the institution’s Human Resources and Finance needs.  

 Muhlenberg completed the implementation of the Human Resources Workday component on January 1, 2018, and wrapped up the last portion of the Workday Finance component in October 2019.

The Workday Student implementation project kicked off June 2019.  Muhlenberg will continue to work with our implementation partner, Collaborative Solutions, to ensure we are designing the system in adherence to best practices and utilizing Workday to its full potential. In addition, we have established both a functional and steering committee, comprised of various individuals across the institution, to manage and ensure the success of the project.  

The Workday Student Project is expected to take approximately 2 ½ years.  During this period, we’ll continue to add new features and tools. Students are projected to begin using Workday to register in the Spring of 2021 for Fall 2021 classes. Currently, the Muhlenberg Workday team has been busy transferring knowledge to Collaborative Solutions by documenting the way that Capstone handles all the processes within Muhlenberg. For example: documenting each course, course code, and semester dates. In conjunction with the documentation process, Collaborative Solutions has begun to set up the system.

Mid-February, the Muhlenberg team will be able to view Muhlenberg specific data, such as student data, programs of study and billing codes, within the system and start to interact with some of the screens to validate the data for accuracy. The process of documenting and validating isolated functions of the system will continue until the Summer of 2020 when we will start a more extensive testing phase, looking at the entire system and workflows.  

How are we preparing the campus community for this change’?

The Organizational Change & Training team dedicated to the Workday Student project is currently developing a communication plan and redesigning the Muhlenberg Workday Student landing page on the Muhlenberg Website. Over the next six months, they will be assessing training needs for all user groups affected and putting together a comprehensive training plan to ensure the campus community is ready for this change.

For the latest updates and information on the implementation or to provide feedback, you are encouraged to periodically visit the Workday this website or email the Workday Student Team at