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The Workday@Muhlenberg project began as a ‘Capstone Replacement’ project in late 2015.  At that time there were 2 cross-functional committees formed to begin a ‘scaled-down’ RFP process to determine an application to replace the Capstone Student Information System.  As a result of this process, it was determined that not only would a Student Information System be purchased, but that the teams would look for an ‘all in one’ solution to meet the College’s needs.  For a comprehensive review of the Selection process (now completed), please refer to the Selection blog (please note that due to the fact that Workday was a late entry into the process you will see little mention of it during the selection process).

After much discussion, some renegotiations on cost, and a number of on-campus vendor presentations, Workday was selected as the College’s application of choice.  Workday works to provide one system to bring Human Capital Management (HCM), Finances, and the Student Information System together.  This worked well for Muhlenberg as the College did not have a true HCM application and was in need of an updated Student Information System.

Currently, the plan calls for implementation of the HCM and Finance modules at the beginning of 2018 with the Student modules following in mid 2019.