Financial Aid

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers about Financial Aid at Muhlenberg College

Q: How do I qualify for financial aid?

Q: What is the income cut-off for financial aid?

Q: Does Muhlenberg College count home equity when determining a family's financial need?

Q: Will other family members in college affect my financial need?

Q: My parents are divorced or separated? How do you treat that situation?

Q: If I would only like to be considered for Federal Financial Aid, what must I do?

Q: How can I be an independent student?

Q: What percentage of the Class of '22 received financial assistance?

Q: What are the components of a Muhlenberg College financial aid package?

Q: How do I apply for Muhlenberg's Merit Scholarships?

Q: If I receive a Merit Scholarship, how does that affect my financial aid package?

Q: What is the average grant received by the Class of ‘22?

Q: How does the student employment program work at Muhlenberg College?

Q: If I am not awarded student employment as part of my financial aid package, can I still work on campus?

Q: Can I expect the same financial aid package for all four years at Muhlenberg?

Q: If I receive a scholarship from my high school or local organization, how will it affect my financial aid award?

Q: What kinds of loan options are available?

Q: How much does it cost to attend Muhlenberg?

Q: How can I pay for the part of my tuition that is not covered by financial aid and loans?