Human resources

Inclement Weather Policy

As a general policy, the College remains open and fully operational during snow storms and other weather emergencies. Any need for closure of the offices will be determined by the President upon recommendation of Director of Campus Safety. 

In cases of extreme weather, tune in to any of the TV and radio stations listed below to determine if the College is closed. These stations will carry announcements of any delays in openings or closure of the College between 7:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m.


WAEB (104.1 FM, 790 AM) WZZO (95.0 FM) WMUH (91.7 FM)
WODE (99.9 FM) WCTO (96.1 FM) WLEV (100.7 FM)
WBYN (1160 AM)  WWYY (107.1 FM)  
and TV Channels 69 (WFMZ), 28 (WBRE), and 22 (WYOU)  


The College has a very convenient "Weather Hotline" as well. The fastest way to learn of the latest weather emergency update for the College is to call the Weather Hotline, 484-664-6000. The Office of Communications also sends out a message to all students and posts weather updates on the Message Board. Should a delayed opening be announced, class schedules will not be rearranged, but will adhere to regular meeting times.

When inclement weather makes travel difficult, individual classes may be canceled at the faculty member's discretion. Faculty members are encouraged to let students know of cancellations via the e-mail features on capstone or canvas. Faculty members holding classes on days when some faculty are forced to cancel classes are also encouraged to communicate this electronically to students to reduce phone calls to offices. Students are responsible for checking their campus e-mail frequently on such days in order to keep informed about class closings and openings.

If changing weather conditions during the day require a decision on early closing of the College, an "Everyone Group" email will be used to disseminate the information. Departments with individuals who do not have computer access will be expected to relay the message by phone to those individuals.

For The Wescoe School of Muhlenberg College, Jane Hudak, will provide notice regarding the status of evening classes to the listed radio and TV stations, Campus Safety and Seegers Union as early as possible.

All Vice Presidents and Deans have prepared lists of "Essential Personnel" for their own units.  In the event that an announcement is made that the College is closed but "essential personnel" are still to report to work, those individuals so designated are expected to come to work.  If you have any question about whether you personally have been designated as "essential personnel" for weather emergencies, please discuss this with your management.

Essential Personnel

Service Personnel will report to work at their regularly scheduled times during all weather emergencies unless specifically instructed otherwise by their supervisors.

Snow and Ice Management Policy

Time Reporting:

Staff Associates, both bi-weekly and monthly paid, are paid based on hours recorded on their timesheets.  Should staff associates not come in to work due to weather issues, and the College is open, there are several options:

  1. Record the day as "Personal" for the usual scheduled number of hours (no pay impact) or
  2. Record the day as "Vacation" for the usual number of hours (no pay impact).
  3. Record zero hours for the day and
    a) make up the time in the same pay period so that your paycheck remains the same  or
    b) make up the hours in a later pay period in which case one check will be less than usual and another check more than usual - this is fine as long as total hours for the year are within budgeted annual hours or
    c) choose not to make up the time in which case your next paycheck will be smaller than usual