Global Education


The Application‌ Process

Students interested in study abroad programs should consult with their faculty advisor and the Office of Global Education staff during the fall semester of their sophomore year.

During December of the sophomore year, students apply to the Office of Global Education to obtain Muhlenberg permission to study abroad during the junior year. Once approved by Muhlenberg in February of the sophomore year, students are required to submit a nonrefundable acceptance deposit of $600 in order to process their application to the host institution. The deposit consists of $300 which will be applied towards the payment of Muhlenberg tuition fees. The other $300 will purchase mandatory study abroad health insurance.

To apply for study abroad, students complete a Muhlenberg international application, supplying faculty references and their academic advisor’s approval. Once approved to study abroad by Muhlenberg, students complete host institution application materials. The Department of Global Education will forward all application materials to the overseas institution. Detailed information regarding admission procedures, transfer credit, and the fee structure is available from the Department of Global Education.