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Media & CommunicationMegan Blessing
Short Video Feature: Behind the Red Doors

Behind the Red Doors is a short film that attempts to give prospective students a better feel for Muhlenberg. While college brochures and websites can provide some insight, Behind the Red Doors communicates a deeper and more meaningful overview of the school. As Muhlenberg is receiving more national attention, students are increasingly unable to visit campus due to distance constraints. Developing alternatives to print media allows students throughout the United States to experience the distinct 'Berg atmosphere. Many colleges and universities are providing video segments online to attract more interest among a geographically diverse audience. A large number of these videos follow one or another familiar format: either the video is a virtual tour of the campus with numerous pictures of buildings, or the story is narrated by students who give the video their own stamp. Behind the Red Doors makes an effort to avoid the traps of typical college videos, instead providing viewers with an aesthetically pleasing peek into Muhlenberg's sense of community and caring environment. The purpose of the video is to leave the prospective students with a stronger curiosity and enthusiasm about Muhlenberg, hopefully compelling the interested candidates to come look "behind the red doors."