Alumni News


Nathan Crossette '13

Nate has completed a Master's in Advanced Studies in  Physics at Cambridge University.

The program was a challenging one and Nate attributes part of his success to the personal attention and tons of encouragement from his  professors while an undergradate Physics major at Muhlenberg.


Dr. Johanna Nelson '05

Dr. Johanna Nelson a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford Institute for Materials & Energy Science at Stanford University and a 2005 Muhlenberg graduate with a B.S. in Physics is profiled on the web site as part of a new series that profiles innovators in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). She is profiled as one of the"Women @ Energy". Her profile can viewed here: Women @ Energy : Johanna Nelson.


Muhlenberg physics graduates have followed a wide variety of career paths. They range from foundation engineering to teaching in high schools.

Class of 2007
Florida Institute of Technology, doctoral program in Space Science
University of Pennsylvania, masters program in education
Washington, D.C. law firm employee, plans to attend law school for patent law after working for two years
Columbia University 4/2 engineering program

Class of 2006
Vanderbilt University, Masters degree candidate in medical physics
Technology education teacher, Palm Beach County, FL
Northeastern University, Masters degree candidate in industrial engineering
SUNY Buffalo, Masters degree candidate in biophysics

Class of 2005
Lehigh University, Ph.D. candidate
SUNY Stony Brook, Ph.D. candidate

Class of 2004
4/2 Columbia, Moretrench America
4/2 Columbia, Electrical Engineering, AKF Engineering
personal trainer, New York Sports club

Class of 2003
Statistical Analyst, Affinion, Norwalk, CT

Class of 2002
Rice University, graduate student in nanotechnology program

Class of 2000
Ph.D. Princeton, currently a postdoctoral researcher in fluid dynamics at Sandia National Laboratory
MS Engineering, Lehigh University, currently a physics teacher at Wilson School
3/2 Columbia, chemical engineering
3/2 Washington, currently a graduate research assistant at the Applied Research Laboratory, Washington University