At Muhlenberg College, there is nothing more important than the health and well-being of our students.  We believe deeply in the value of human dignity and seek to create a learning and living environment that affirms this belief.  As such, we commit to ensuring that students are informed about the definitions and harmful consequences associated with hazing and know how to take an active role in preventing it from happening within their social settings and on our campus.

Recently, the state of Pennsylvania has also increased its commitment to addressing this important topic.  The Timothy J. Piazza Antihazing Law addresses prevention, enforcement, and transparency surrounding hazing activities on college campuses. This law applies to student organizations of all types, including fraternities and sororities, athletic teams and student clubs and performing arts groups. 

Below you will find information related to the recently enacted Pennsylvania state law and Muhlenberg College's Anti-Hazing Policy. In addition, a five-year history of hazing allegations and findings at Muhlenberg College are cataloged.  If you have any questions about any of these cases or other potential hazing allegations at the College, please contact the Department of Campus Safety or the Dean of Students Office at any time.

Finally, if you are aware of an instance of hazing on our campus, please click here to report this information right away.  If it is an emergency, please contact Campus Safety at 484-664-3110.  Please note that preventing hazing is a community responsibility.  We are limited in our response to a situation by the information reported to us.  Therefore, please make every effort to provide as much information as possible, including your contact information so that we may follow up with you about your concerns as needed. 

Thank you,

Allison Williams
Vice President for Campus Life and Dean of Students