Printing with PaperCut (faculty/staff)

WEPA - Cloud Printing (students)

The WEPA solution provides printers, mobile support, color capabilities, higher capacity and performance. It offers a single “cloud” queue, which allows students to hit print in one place, but pick up the job at any of the 21 units around campus.

Information about WEPA at Muhlenberg (including details on the print quota) is available on the IT blog

  • Full time students are provided with a per semester quota of $75 (833 pages of single-sided B&W pages)
  • Students may request a one-time quota increase per semester. Students must provide list the printing-intensive course(s) in which they are currently registered. These requests will be considered and, if approved, funds added AFTER the add/drop date has passed. Students must request a specific number of additional pages, up to 550 (roughly $50 in additional quota).
  • Any additional funding must be requested by a faculty member to the Student Help Desk on behalf of the student in support of their academic work.

Where are the units?

Kiosk locator available online
(HC - high capacity)

Baker Center for the Arts - 1st Floor
Benfer Hall-1st Floor Lab
Brown Hall - Basement Lab (HC)
East Hall - 3rd Floor Lab (HC)
Ettinger Bldg- Basement
Martin Luther Hall- 4th Floor Lab (HC)
Moyer Hall- 2nd Floor Atrium
New Science Bldg -109 1st Floor
Prosser Hall - 2nd Floor Lab (HC)
Robertson Hall- 4th Floor Lab
Seegers Hall- Basement (Left)
Seegers Hall- Basement (Right)
South Hall- 4th Floor Lab
Taylor Hall -Basement
The Village - Common Room (HC)
Trexler Library- A Level left side
Trexler Library- B01
Trexler Library- Info Commons
Trexler Library- Reference Desk (HC)
Trumbower Hall- 143 1st Floor
Walz Hall - 2nd Floor Lab (HC)