Information Technology

Connect to MuhlenbergWiFi


Muhlenberg Campus has 100% wireless coverage. 


Register your personal and College-assigned mobile devices (laptop, smartphone, etc) with the campus MuhlenbergWiFi network.

Use the instructions that came with your mobile device or computer and locate the proper WiFi Network: MuhlenbergWiFi.  

  1. Select the wireless connection (MuhlenbergWiFi) and click Connect, and, when prompted, for a password or key, type:  muhlenberg  (all lower case). 
  2. Open your web browser.  The "MuhlenbergWifi Device Registration" page should open. If this page does not display, type: in the browser's address bar.
  3. Read the Electronic Communication Policy.  Click on the AGREE button.
  4. Choose a device to register
    1. If the device is a Phone/Tablet/Laptop/Desktop with a browser, click on the start button for "Register THIS Device" 
    2. For all other devices, click on the start button for "Register OTHER Devices" 
  5. On the next page, complete the User Registration, and Hardware description.  Use your Muhlenberg Network ID and Password.  Choose the type of device.

You will receive one of two return messages in your browser, "Successfully Registered-Wait 45 seconds to reconfigure" or "Authentication Failed". If you receive the "Authentication Failed" message, check and verify the user name and password.

Your device's WiFi may need to be turned off then back on to reconnect to MuhlenbergWiFi as a registered device.