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Peer-Led Healthy Sexuality and Relationship Education

Voices of Strength 2019

Founding members of Voices of Strength

Working under the department of Prevention Education, VOS recognizes that sexual violence can happen to anyone; partnered or single, of any gender or orientation. VOS is a dedicated and passionate group of students working to promote safer, healthier relationships and positive sexual interactions for all students. VOS members both undergo and provide extensive training on a variety of subjects related to consent, sexual health, accessing services on and off campus, intimate partner violence, and sexual harassment and misconduct. Each VOS member is required to undergo 32 hours of training throughout the year in order to learn how to implement best practices.


  • Outreach: VOS members host events and awareness campaigns while working together with other groups and departments in order to provide a holistic and collaborative approach to addressing violence at Muhlenberg.
  • Response: VOS members help students get referred to other services on and off campus, including those impacted by crime or needing additional sexual health or mental health services.

Current Members

Isabel Molettieri (she/her) - VOS Intern
Class of 2023
Majors: Theater and Music
I became a VOS member because I am passionate about making sure that at Muhlenberg students feel safe to engage in healthy sexuality and relationships and are aware of the resources that can help them in doing so.

Arden McHugh (she/her) - VOS Intern
Class of 2025
Major: Theatre and Media Communications
I became a member of VOS because healthy relationships and sex should always be given a platform in an academic setting.

Maya Rabinowitz (she/her)
Class of 2024
Major: Psychology; Minor: Women's and Gender Studies
I joined VOS because I think that education surrounding sex is rarely taught but is incredibly important and empowering. I wanted to help make my community a more supportive and sex-positive place for everyone!
Marissa Scharf (she/her)
Class of 2024
Major: Political Science; Minor: Women’s and Gender Studies
I joined VOS to become a better advocate for survivors and to promote healthier attitudes around sex and relationships. I never had something like this in high school, so I am very happy to be a part of such a group in college!
Rowan Hauk (they/them)
Class of 2025
Major: Sociology
I joined VOS because I saw it as a great opportunity to provide the resources I wish were available when I was in middle and high school.
Cydney Wilson (she/her)
Class Year of 2023
Major: Political Science and Gender and Sexuality Studies; Minor: Africana Studies
I joined VOS because our job on campus is incredibly important. Educating our peers on domestic violence, sexual assault, and healthy relationships amongst other things is incredibly valuable and I love being a part of a group that does all of this and provides important resources to our community.
Bridget Parks (she/her)
Class of 2025
Major: History
I joined VOS to help support the Muhlenberg community in ongoing discussions regarding healthy relationships and sexuality that are important to creating a safe space for every individual on campus.
Emily Orlich (she/they)
Class of 2024
Major: Psychology; Minor: Women’s and Gender Studies
I joined VOS because, as a survivor, I am very passionate about helping other survivors and helping to educate others on how they can help survivors too.
Sara Fallon (she/her)
Class of 2023
Major: Biology; Minor: Africana Studies
I became a VOS member because I believe that education about engaging in safe sex and healthy relationships is super important and not talked about enough! 
Syeda Islam (she/her)
Class of 2023
Major: Biology and Political Science
I joined VOS because I saw how important VOS was to the Muhlenberg Community. The impact of VOS goes beyond just providing people with important knowledge but VOS actively creates a sense of comfort and security that is needed on all college campuses.


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