Voices of Strength (VOS)

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Peer-Led Healthy Sexuality and Relationship Education

Voices of Strength 2019

Founding members of Voices of Strength

Working under the department of Prevention Education, VOS recognizes that sexual violence can happen to anyone; partnered or single, of any gender or orientation. VOS is a dedicated and passionate group of students working to promote safer, healthier relationships and positive sexual interactions for all students. VOS members both undergo and provide extensive training on a variety of subjects related to consent, sexual health, accessing services on and off campus, intimate partner violence, and sexual harassment and misconduct. Each VOS member is required to undergo 32 hours of training throughout the year in order to learn how to implement best practices.


  • Outreach: VOS members host events and awareness campaigns while working together with other groups and departments in order to provide a holistic and collaborative approach to addressing violence at Muhlenberg.
  • Response: VOS members help students get referred to other services on and off campus, including those impacted by crime or needing additional sexual health or mental health services.


                                                                                 Current VOS Members

Zoe KaneName: Zoe Kane
Year: Class of 2022
Major: Theatre with a minor in Africana studies 
Why I joined VOS: I joined VOS because I wanted to make change through education on sexual assault and gender violence to make this a safe campus for all bodies. Also, this topic hits close to home, so I wanted to be a part of a group that shares my passion but can also be a safe place with like-minded people.

Renee LevineName: Renee Levine
Year: Class of 2022
Major: Media Communications and Spanish double major
Why I joined VOS: I joined VOS to help spread positivity surrounding topics of sexuality and gender identity. Sex positivity and reproductive health are areas I am really passionate about!


Jill LissnerName: Jill Lissner
Year: Class of 2021
Major: Biology
Minors: Sustainability Studies and Latin American and Caribbean studies
Why I joined VOS: I have always been so passionate about topics around sexual violence. When I was affected by sexual violence myself, I knew how important it was for me to educate others and make a difference on campus.

Chrissy Nagrowski Name: Chrissy Nagrowski 
Year: Class of 2022
Major: Biology / Dance Sciences 
Why you joined VOS: I joined VOS because queer sex education is one of my favorite things! It is not a taboo subject! I love how VOS discusses intersectionality when discussing sexual assault, IPV, and gender violence. This group is a close-knit, wonderful, and kind group of amazing humans I love spending my time with!

Name: Cydney WilsonCydney Wilson
Year: 2023
Major: Political Science, minor Women’s and Gender Studies
Why I joined VOS: I am so excited to be a member of VOS, and I joined because I thing that VOS’s job on campus is incredibly important to our community. Educating our peers on domestic violence, sexual assault, and healthy relationships amongst other things is incredibly valuable and I love being a part of a group that does that.

Name: Isabel Molettieri
Year: Class of 2023
Major: Theatre and Music double major
Why I joined VOS: I joined VOS because I feel as though every college student should have the resources to learn more about healthy relationships and sexuality as these are topics that are typically brushed over during their high school experiences. I really wanted to be a resource for fellow students as well as get the education I missed out on in high school regarding these topics! This amazing group sheds light on so many important topics and I love being a part of it!

Name: Becca Baitel
Year: Class of 2023
Major: Studying Media and Communications, English, and Women's and Gender Studies
Why I joined VOS: I joined VOS because I want to both maximize my understanding of  and advocate for issues around sexual assault, IPV, sexual and gender identity, and promote healthy sexuality overall, while educating the Muhlenberg community so we can create a safe environment environment for all identities and different kinds of people. The educational role that VOS has in our college community is incredibly necessary and I love working with a group of passionate and hard-working individuals who share my level of excitement for this work. VOS is truly my second family on campus and I would not trade this experience for the world.

 Name: Emily Falkenstein
Year: Class of 2022
Major: Media and Comm + Public Health Major
Why I joined VOS: I joined VOS because I wanted to make a difference in educating students on sexual assault, healthy relationships and gender violence. I am passionate about making sure that everyone is aware and understanding on the importance of intersectionality within these topics.

Past VOS Members

Mia Panzak

Name: Mia Panzak
Year: 2021
Majors: Film Studies and Media & Communication
Why I joined VOS: I wanted to join VOS so that I could learn more about the ways I can engage and educate with the Muhlenberg community about healthy sexual behavior.

Deanny M. RodriguezName: Deanny M. Rodriguez
Year: Class of 2022
Majors: Public Health and Sociology 
Why I joined VOS: I'm a Dominican-American first-generation college student. I joined VOS because I wanted to be an advocate for sexual violence and relationship education. I feel there is so much I haven't learned surrounding sexual education and relationship violence.

Name: Lauren Padko
Year: 2023
Major: Computer Science, Minor: Public Health
Why I joined VOS: I founded VOS because I believe having educational programs and discussions surrounding the topics of sexual and gender violence is essential. My goal is to educate Muhlenberg students about healthy relationships, resources available on and off campus, sexual misconduct and harassment and plenty more!

Anisha Reddy

Name: Anisha Reddy
Year: 2020
Major: Economics and a minor in Analytics
Why I joined VOS: Because I want to educate myself as well as my fellow peers about safer and healthier relationships, in addition to the resources that are available on and off-campus.

 Lydia Shanen

Name: Lydia Shanen
Year: Class of 2020
Major: History w/a Mathematics Minor
Why I joined VOS: I joined VOS because I wanted to channel my suffering and experiences and turn it into something positive. Helping others is at the core who I am, and being a part of VOS enables me to do so.


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