Welcome to the Online Placement Exams Site

All new students are required to complete the online placement exams in both mathematics and language. Prior to taking each exam, students are asked to complete an exam questionnaire which will collect information regarding that student's background in the exam subject.

Students who are considering a pre-health track and/or a major in the natural sciences must also take the placement exam in chemistry.

These are Placement exams, not Exemption tests.

That is, no requirement is waived as a result of the exams alone, so it is to students' advantage to make their best attempt on each. Depending on the department, the placement test, combined with other information (qualifying AP or IB scores, transfer credit), can lead to exemption or higher placement.

Please note: Your browser must be properly configured according to the Online Placement Exam System Requirements and Browser Test Results  in order for your questionnaires and exams to be successfully submitted online.