About Kathleen Harring, Ph.D.

‌Kathleen E. Harring, Ph.D., was named President by the College's Board of Trustees on June 26, 2020. Harring had previously been named to a two-year interim term in December 2019 and had served as interim president of Muhlenberg College since June 19, 2019.

A member of the Muhlenberg College faculty since 1984, Harring most recently served as the College’s provost. During her tenure as provost, Harring was instrumental in guiding a number of important initiatives, including serving as co-chair for Muhlenberg’s 2017 strategic planning process, implementing procedures to support the College’s diversity initiatives and overseeing planning for new post-graduate programs.

Harring has held several additional senior leadership roles, including vice president and dean of institutional effectiveness and planning and dean of institutional assessment and academic planning. Her service to the College has also included terms as psychology department chair, as a founding member of the College's Faculty Center for Teaching and as a member of numerous faculty and staff committees. She has led accreditation activities, overseen general education reform and acted as the architect of internal assessment systems at Muhlenberg.

Harring is the recipient of the Muhlenberg College Chairman’s Award, the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching and the Paul C. Empie Memorial Award for Teaching and Service. She frequently presents nationally and internationally on topics as diverse as teaching and learning, outcomes assessment, shared governance and professional development in higher education.

Earning her B.A. in psychology from Franklin and Marshall College, Harring received her M.A. and Ph.D. in social psychology with a minor in quantitative psychology from the
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Presidents of Muhlenberg College, 1848-2015

1848-1867 - Four principals of the Allentown Seminary, President of the Allentown Collegiate and Military Institute and a President of the Allentown Collegiate Institute
1867-1876 - Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg
1877-1885 - J.P. Benjamin Sadtler
1886-1903 - Theodore Lorenzo Seip
1903-1904 - William Wackernagel (acting)
1904-1936 - John A.W. Haas
1936-1937 - Robert C. Horn (acting)
1937-1951 - Levering Tyson
1951-1952 - Quintity (five-man acting committee)
1952-1953 - Morris S. Greth (acting)
1953-1961 - J. Conrad Seegers
1961-1969 - Erling N. Jensen
1969-1984 - John H. Morey
1984-1992 - Jonathan C. Messerli
1992-2002 - Arthur R. Taylor
2002-2003 - James B. Steffy (acting)
2003-2015 - Peyton R. Helm
2015-2019 - John I. Williams, Jr.
2019-         - Kathleen Harring

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