Welcome. We’re looking forward to reading your application and getting to know you. If you have questions, be sure to contact admissions.

The Common Application is now exclusively online, and there are some new updates to the application this year. Below are directions that we hope will help you in the application process, but as always, we are here to help so please feel invited to contact us with any questions you may have at 484-664-3200.

  1. Visit if you can.
    We strongly encourage a campus visit to interview and tour.  The interview can be an important opportunity to explore “the fit” between you and Muhlenberg.  It can also be a chance to develop a relationship with an admissions counselor who can then act as an advocate for you here.  Remember, if you are applying for one of our cooperative programs, or choosing not to submit test scores, you are required to have an admissions interview.
  1. Complete the Common Application by February 15.
    You may apply online at www.commonapp.org. Note that a $50 application fee is required unless your guidance counselor certifies that this would present a significant financial hardship for your family.  If you have additional questions about our fee waiver policy, please contact us directly at 484-664-3245.
  1. Have your guidance counselor and one teacher provide recommendations (please assign recommenders online through the Common Application). 
    Your recommenders can either send their recommendations through the Common Application online or by downloading the forms on the Common Application website and sending them directly to the Office of Admission.                                                                                                                                                                             
  1. Follow up with your assigned counselor to ensure that your Mid Year Report is sent to us when available.
    Your counselor can either send the Mid Year Report through the Common Application online or by downloading the form on the Common Application website and sending it directly to the Office of Admission.

  1. If you're choosing to submit your ACT or SAT scores, be sure to have them sent to Muhlenberg.
    Our SAT school code is 2424, and we do not require the SAT-II.  Our ACT school code is 3640, and note that we do require the writing portion.
  1. If you’re choosing not to submit your ACT or SAT scores, please respond accordingly to the preferred testing plan question on the Common Application. As a test-optional applicant, you will be required to submit a graded paper and you will be required to interview by February 15.  Note that if you’re applying to one of our cooperative programs, you must submit an ACT or SAT score.

    The Muhlenberg-specific questions on the Common Application online allow students to indicate whether they wish their test scores to be used in the admissions evaluation by responding to the "testing plan" question within the Common Application.  

    Sometimes students later change their minds about whether or not to submit test scores.  If that happens, please use this SAT Optional Form.

  1. You may check for missing application materials in your application status portal.
    Once your application is received, you will receive an e-mail with directions on how to access this page at the e-mail you've provided on your Common Application. You may access your application status portal here.

  2. If you wish to be considered for need-based financial aid, please file a CSS Financial Aid Profile by February 15 and a FAFSA by March 1.  Our CSS code is 2424.  
    Please refer to our Financial Aid "Applying for Aid" page for necessary documents and important deadlines.  If you wish to be considered for merit aid only, you are not required to submit any additional paperwork other than your Common Application.  
  1. You can anticipate an admission decision between mid-March and April 1.