Annual Recognition Form/ Update Form

This form must be completed annually by each recognized organization, or each time there is a change in position for recognized organizations.

Recognized Student Organization Handbook

SCORE - Student Club and Organization Request for Expense

This form is used to pay for club and organization expenses. This form must be completed by club treasurers and approved by the club advisor and SGA Treasurer/Advisor before any financial transactions are made. NOTE: No student or organization will be reimbursed for expenses without prior approval. You must complete this form in advance so that the purchase can be approved and it is confirmed that your organization has enough funding.

Student Organization Event Tech Request

Student Organization event media requests are supported by the Office of Student Engagement.  Requests will be accommodated based on availability. Please submit this form at least two weeks prior to your event. Please send questions to


This guide should be used as a reference for student organizations planning events on and off-campus.

Event Planning Checklist

This is a helpful rousource in planning your events, and contains step by step instructions; as well as contact information for various departments and offices should you have any questions.