A Safety Committee has been implemented to facilitate the ongoing achievement of these objectives.  Muhlenberg College recognizes that the responsibility for occupational safety and injury prevention is shared, and affirmatively aligned with the College’s overall accountability plan.  The scope of the Committee’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


  • Implementation of any/all safety programs in compliance with applicable state and federal laws and/or mandates.
  • Accident and injury prevention activities will involve representatives of all employee groups.
  • Inspection of College buildings and grounds.
  • Promote and distribute to all to all areas of the College a review of the accident and illness prevention program.
  • Review accident investigation/incident analysis and reports of occupational injury with the Human Resources Department on an as-needed basis, and make recommendations for accident prevention.
  • Provide the foundation and leadership of the Accident and Illness Prevention program; for its effectiveness, growth and development as an integral part of the College.