Mission Statement

The mission of the Accounting Program at Muhlenberg College is to develop knowledgeable, independent critical thinkers, who are prepared to make intellectual contributions and are able to express ideas with clarity and grace.   The accounting program cultivates liberally educated professionals committed to life-long learning and service who hold themselves to the highest standards of personal and professional integrity.  The curriculum fosters learning within and beyond the classroom, an appreciation for global interdependence, and endeavors to equip students with the ability to formulate and solve problems and to make effective decisions.  Based on the expectation that students assume increasing responsibility for themselves and others, we offer experiences for developing interpersonal and leadership skills.  Our faculty members are passionate about teaching, value close relationships with students, and are committed to working with alumni, accounting professionals and others in the financial business community.

Muhlenberg Accounting Program Outcomes

Demonstrate competence in competence core accounting knowledge

Demonstrate knowledge of general business and economic principles

Demonstrate proficient oral communication

Demonstrate proficient written communication

Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of ethics and standards in accounting careers

Demonstrate an understanding of international accounting standards and global issues

Work effectively in teams to solve problems and lead others

Use critical thinking skills to solve accounting-related problems

Demonstrate understanding and use of technology in accounting contexts

Demonstrate understanding of accounting regulation using primary source documents

Learn independently and understand the importance of continuous learning;

Demonstrate competence in making decisions

Demonstrate attitudes and behaviors expected in the accounting profession

Prepare for placement in career positions or graduate programs in a reasonable timeframe.

Demonstrate knowledge related to current topics, trends and changes affecting the profession.