Sienna Fusco is a Business Administration and Self-Design Major. In the summer of 2015, Sienna was inspired to combine her passions in business, art, and helping others by starting her own business. Although she had planned to do this on her own, she found out that the final project for one of her classes, Small Business Management, was to actually start your own business. She and four other students took advantage of this opportunity and started The Color of Love. The Color of Love is a non-profit coloring book business with the mission "to love others through the joy of coloring." It does this by unifying people through coloring to celebrate children with special needs. Each coloring book features a different child with a different disability to raise awareness for their disability and celebrate their life and accomplishments. The proceeds raised from the books are donated to a charity or an organization of the feature's choice to help other children with special needs experiencing similar daily challenges.

By the end of the semester, the group had sold over 300 copies of their first issue, and raised over $1500 for the Mercy School of Special Learning. Sienna saw the potential that this business had to positively impact others, and therefore decided to continue the business even after the class had ended. She has since hired two interns, started their second issue, embarked on a partnership with Barnes and Noble, and won second place at Muhlenberg's Innovation Challenge. She plans to create 3-4 coloring book issues a year, and hopes to help many people in her journey. She is grateful for her business professors to teach her the necessary tools towards starting a successful business, and the support she has received from the school on her endeavor. She hopes to continue to grow her business and help many more people down the road.